'‘Spitia Tzitzi’ overlooking the volcano and the Caldera, in the heart of the old village of Imerovigli, is the ideal place for visitors who want to discover Santorini.

Welcome! Make yourself at home!
*Spiti: the greek word for both 'house' and 'home', plural: Spitia
‘Spitia Tzitzi’ were originally two:
The house of grandmother Nicoletti and the one of auntie Georgia. Both used to have big families with many children. After the 2nd World War and the earthquake of 1956, the children left, got married in other villages, even in other cities, many of the boys went sailing the seas, so the places were left empty. After years left abandoned, on 1978 they passed into the hands of Yiannis and Irini Tzitzi. They renovated them and gave them new life.
Respecting the history of the families, the island and the local tradition, discovering the past hidden in the old furniture and the original equipment of the houses, we invite you to become part of their modern history.